Maroubra RSL Sub Branch Memebership fee for 2021-22 will be $20:00 per member.

A payment date and link will be established and details will be available soon.

Any member in financal distress can contact the Welfare Officer for assistance.

Assistance with electronic payments is available from Peter Singer at each Monthly meeting on the first Sunday of the month.


In addition to the comments above we would like to submit the following for consideration. This may serve to attract members as it would put us on a similar plane to other ESOs who do not charge membership fees but still produce some basic income to sustain our administration.

Amounts in the following are examples only and may need to be more finely tuned to make them more equitable.


Rather than membership fees for members we suggest that we categorise Sub-Branches by the number of Service Members and charge an annual Affiliation Fee accordingly.


              e.g.        1 – 20 members                            $1000.00

                             21 – 50 members                          $2000.00

                             51 – 75 members                          $3000.00

                             76 – 100 members                        $5000.00

                             100 - 150 members                      $7000.00

                             150 – 200 members                      $10 000.00

                             200 +                                                $10 000.00 + $25 per additional member.


This is more than current membership fees but would increase income for RSL NSW administration costs.

If applied to all Service Members it would pick up on Life Members and Life Subscribers who no longer pay.

Affluent Sub-Branches may also sponsor one or two; or several, lower category Sub-Branches for the purpose of Affiliation Fees.


Affiliate Members required to pay $25 per annum.


All fees to be paid to RSL NSW via their Sub-Branch.


Sub-Branches to continue to maintain a Register of all members and report all changes to RSL NSW in accordance with current requirements.




Eligibility for membership of the Maroubra Sub Branch of the Returned and Services League of Australia is open to applicants who have served in the Australian Defence Force, or served with or supported , or was otherwise engaged with the Australian Defence Force, or the Armed Forces of Australia’s Allies for a period of at least 6 months.

To apply for membership please complete application form (CLICK HERE) and lodge it at The Juniors Maroubra Front Office, 946 Anzac Pde Maroubra.

If you require any assistance please call

  • Laurie Haynes (Welfare/Recruitment Officer) 0403 055 921
  • Ross Whittle (Treasurer) 0477 550 804
  • Colin Flatters (President) 0417 309 145